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We design high quality and playable custom LEGO® MOCs with a major focus on Modular Buildings together with a few Star Wars models. We sell the step-by-step building instructions corresponding to those very original models at a very moderate price to partly compensate for the countless time involved in the process and for what  turns out to be a rather costly (but so captivating) hobby.

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How to transform your 10251 set from a straight corner mixed building into a chamfered corner pure Brick Bank building using 96% of the 2437 available parts from the set (2360 regulars +77 extras) and with no need to add a single part !

Posted on April 28 2019

Posted on August 12 2018

Posted on July 29 2018

Posted on June 25 2018

Posted on April 22 2018

Posted on April 21 2018

Posted on December 10 2017

This is a Modular building alternate to set 21310 Old Fishing Store

Posted on October 28 2017

A 4 storey building freely inspired from the Haussman building policy established by Eugène Haussamn during the second empire renovation of Paris.

Posted on August 05 2017

A try at the WWII topic with a crushed house that could be more generally displayed in any urban landscape

Posted on July 17 2017

We propose a discount price for the purchase of the 3 separate models (see detail of each model on its own page). You will end up with an impressive 64x32 Baseplates Building that will nicely extend your Modular city. Model presented is the Roman Church but if you would prefer the Hispanic Church in stead of the Roman one just mention it in the contact form accessed through the "Buy now" button.

Posted on July 15 2017

And here is our second 16x32 studs Baseplate Building Brick Separator: the Fountain Park. In need of a break in a refreshing flowery ambiance, well here is the place !

Posted on July 10 2017

Thought it might make sense to give some perspective in between contiguous buildings so here is a first very affordable Building Separator built on a 16 x 32 studs Baseplate. Inserting a cemetery, especially close to one of our 2 Churches provided our dearest LEGO Minifigures with a decent place to rest after all !

Posted on June 05 2017

The Roman Church is based on the Hispanic Church model with a different frontispiece top part yielding a more classical roman style with a steeple and slightly taller side towers

Posted on May 15 2017

The Hispanic Church is a rather affordable model that beside usual and public services buildings and temples of consumption such as the Corner Gallery Store or the Casino Riviera aims at impersonating tradition and imbuing a bit of morality and spirituality to the Modular city

Posted on March 29 2017

The City Hall model provides a very affordable alternative to the now over expensive official LEGO 10224 Town Hall and will allow your town to include an essential public  service building.

Posted on February 05 2017

Here is our big 4 storey building  in the Victorian-Californian theme

Posted on December 31 2016

The first of a planed Victorian theme serie delivered on the last day of 2016 for a happy LEGO MOC new year.

Posted on November 6 2016

The Traditional Italian Building Block is typically covered with Mediterranean roof tiles. The  two separate buildings with colored facades are separated by a narrow arched passage partly occupied by the outdoor tables of an emblematic Italian trattoria

Posted on August 21 2016

Here is a huge and flashy casino. Among the usual bank, shop, and other buildings it was time enough for some serious fun in the Modular world. With its various rooms dedicated to slot machine, craps, european roulette and poker game you will have plenty of ways to spend your money. So be prepared to safely invest as it is well known that the only way to make money in a Casino to earn it !

Posted on June 10 2016

The Modular Trendy Book Shop is a 4 storey building elegantly mixing a dark tan basement with two white tan stripped floors and topped by a dark red sloped roof floor. The basement hosts a trendy book shop with its own tea shop corner.

Posted on May 5 2016

The Pistachio Building is a 3 storey building with a modern art shop on the ground floor and a duplex appartement on the upper floor. It is originally design with a black and tan stripped ground floor, tan and olive green stripped upper floor covered with a black roof.

Posted on April 27 2016

The Brick Alley Condominium is a 4 storey condominium building with an original brick walled facade. It's formed of a low ceilling basement and 3 separate apartments on each floor, the first floor being occupied by a computing facility office.

Posted on February 21 2016

The Cream and Tan Townhouse is a cozy 4 levels building with front and back gardens, a veranda entrance and among much other things, with a removable back roof for better playability, and a folding ladder giving access to the roof terrace.

Posted on February 12 2016

Here is the combination of the 3 sets altogether forming the exceptional Rivoli Arcade 96 x 32 studs building block represented in the website banner.

                               The combined purchase of the 3 sets is offered at a discount.


That huge combined set will make a stunning contribution to any town scale model !


Posted on February 10 2016

And here is the tird and last set composing the Rivoli Arcade building block rendered above. The Rivoli Arcade Corner Right is an office building with an architecture firm on the ground floor and a fashion designer workshop on the 3 uper floors (design, photo shoot studio and tailoring).


Posted on February 07 2016

Here is the first corner set of the Rivoli Arcade building block. It perfectly combines with the Rivoli Arcade Central set of course but will do as well with any other Official or Custom Modular.


Posted on February 02 2016

Lets begin by saying that the Rivoli Arcade - Main Building is a model we are especially proud of ! When combined with the Rivoli Arcade Corner Left and Rivoli Arcade Corner Right (soon to come) it forms the 96 studs long by 32 stud wide Rivoli Arcade masterpiece represented in the website banner. It is a fully tiled and furnished four storey building with a totally original black blue curved roof (never seen anything similar on the MOC web) freely inspired from the Parisian Rue de Rivoli buildings.


Posted on January 28 2016

The Corner Gallery Store is a massive fully tiled and furnished three storey general store with all you need for shoping: clothes, bags, jewels, perfume, books, CDs, cameras, computers, toys. If you saved a few dimes from such a temple of tempations you might wish to enjoy a  savourous drink from the small terraced bar on the ground floor side.

Posted on January 17 2016

The Commodore Dynasty Tower House is an impressive fully tiled and furnished four storey house inherited from a 19th Century Navy Commodore whose bust is nested in the facade. There is a rear terrace with an outdoor staircase giving access to the top floor from where a resting sunbathing roof terrace can be accessed through the austere imposing tower.

Posted on January 16 2016

The Baroque Food Shop is a four storey fully tiled and furnished Art Nouveau Modular building hosting a food shop on the ground floor. The curved roof, overcharged front decos and tan and gray checked side clearly gives it a standing out feature.

Posted on January 16 2016

The Republic Avenue Mansion House is an elegant fully tiled and furnished four story Bourgeois house freely inspired from some Parisian "Hotels Particuliers". You will enjoy the elegant shape of that clear bulding, the refreshing front garden or the majesty given by the top floor frontispiece.