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Due to the poorness of the offered service our products are not for sale on eBay anymore but you may now purchase digitally delivered instructions at an even cheaper price directly from our website. For order just click on the "pay now" button or directly go to the contact page, fill the form  stating which models you are interested in and we will get back to you with Paypal payment directions. After payment you will rapidly receive an e-mail with a Dropbox link (you don't need to be registered) allowing you to directly download the step-by-step instructions (pdf format) and part lists (XML and XLS formats) files.

Typical instruction page

Typical XML file

Bricklink Wanted list Mass upload from XML

Instructions: Instructions come from MLCAD generated PNG images aggregated in a pdf format file that you can very simply read with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Part lists: Unless indicated otherwise, Original Modular MOCs normally come with 4 distinct part lists corresponding to:

  1. XML file (Bricklink upload part list) for the complete model, fully tiled and furnished,
  2. XML file (Bricklink upload part list) for the bare model excluding inside tiling and furnishing (so you can choose to adapt your building plan according to funding resources),
  3. XLS files (Excel spreadsheet) for the complete model fully tiled and furnished (very helpful to  your part quest),
  4. XLS files (Excel spreadsheet) for the bare building without inside tiling and furnishing

 Regarding Star Wars MOCS, only one XML and one XLS files are provided of course.


Cost effectiveness: As cost is of concern to most of us (poor MOCers !) our models avoid rare expensive parts or colors so as to protect you from painful surprises. During the building process we regularly check on Bricklink to make sure that the selected pieces are available in quantity and at a reasonable price.


Typical Excel part list file

Very handy to manage part gathering

You will be ensured to get a very profesional set allowing to perfectly reconstruct the presented models. That's quite a nice bit of fun in exchange for a few bucks (or Euros actually) !