LEGO Modular Anton's Fish Market

How to rebuild your 21310 Old Fishing Store into a Modular compatible building.


Set 21310 is a very nice piece of work, but you might rapidly feel a bit frustrated at not being able to insert it satisfactorily within your Modular environment ! Here we propose professional grade step by step instructions that will allow you to assemble a Modular compatible building by making use of almost all the 21310 Fishing Store parts and only adding 6 parts (see picture below) including the Modular essential 4 Technic Bricks 1x2 with hole.


You are buying a pdf file with step-by-step building instructions of professional quality only (no part list needed) allowing you to build our LEGO Custom (MOC) Modular Anton's Fish Market concieved as a Modular alternate to the 21310 Fishing Store. That model combines perfectly with official modular buildings from LEGO.


The left side of the building is an arched Fish Market with a back space equiped with an ice machine and where fish crates and fishing gear are stored. On the right side is the entrance to Anton's Bait Shop's ground floor with fishing gear displays on the front. Inside the shop are various displays offering tools, diving gear, hooks, fishing reels, explosives (permit required !), etc., and a checkout. On the upper floor is a storage room for navigation maps where with you might dig up a genuine treasure map. The two storey upper tower is mostly similar to the original one but can be directly accessed from the roof floor through a door.

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