LEGO Modular Building Block Separator: Cemetery

You are buying a step-by-step building instructions pdf file and 2 associated part lists corresponding to the custom (MOC) modular LEGO® Cemetery Building Separator. That model combines perfectly with official modular buildings from LEGO®.

The Cemetery Building Separator step-by-step building instruction booklet in pdf format is 42 pages long and corresponds to a grand total of 487 LEGO® parts. There are 2 part list files provided:

  • XML file (Bricklink upload part list)
  • XLS file (MS Excel spreadsheet, very helpful to manage your part quest)

The Cemetery Building Separator built on a 16 x 32 studs Baseplate is a very affordable small Modular model to be inserted between 2 Modular buildings. Inserting a cemetery in a town plan is not a morbid concept as it is part of our everyday life and LEGO Minifigures also need a decent resting place after all! As shown in the last picture that building separator provides some appreciated space into a sometimes overcrowded building alignment and furthermore allows to more efficiently valorize elegant building some of which have elaborate flanks that should not be hidden, such as our Roman and Hispanic Churches for example. With a total investment of less than 50 Euros you will give to your town plan some interesting and very cost effective perspective.