LEGO Modular Casino Riviera

Custom Modular Casino Riviera and the corresponding 3 instructions booklets

The Custom LEGO Modular Casino Riviera is a combination of 3 buidings: The Main Central Building standing on a 32x32 studs baseplate and its Left and Right Wings, each standing on 16x32 baseplates. Its inside is fully tiled, decorated and equiped in a very detailed way with Casino gear. You will find a large bar and salon lobby on the central ground floor, different models of slot machines and a token cashier on the wing ground floors, 2 black jack tables on the central first floor, a craps table on the left wing first floor, a european roulette on the right wing first floor, 2 pocker rooms on the central second floor and a large trendy roof terrace bar.


The Casino Riviera  instructions combines 3 step-by-step booklets in pdf format (see photo above) corresponding to the Main Building, the Left Wing and the Right Wing. Those booklets are 219, 107, and 103 pages long, and corresponds to 3262, 1361, and 1601 LEGO® parts, respectively, hence reaching a respectable grand total of 6224 LEGO® parts.

4 part list files corresponding to the full model as well as to each of the 3 separate models (so you can order the parts and build them at your own rate) are provided in the 2 following formats (8 files in total):

  • XML file (Bricklink upload part list),
  • XLS file (MS Excel spreadsheet) (very helpful to manage your part quest)

Casino Riviera front view

Casino Riviera from front with the two wings separated from the central building. Access to the upper floors is through stairs in the central building and its the ground floor and first floor open on the wings corresponding floors.

Casino Riviera back view

Casino Riviera from above with the roof bar and the wings glass roofs

Tempted !?

Casino Riviera main building ground floor with a large lobby salon with sofas and armchairs, and a large bar with stools and plenty of drink choice

Casino Riviera main building ground floor with its covered balcony

Top view of main building ground floor with its master double staircase and bar. Did'nt I say plenty of drink choice ? I myself will have a try at that 20 years old Armagnac

Casino Riviera main building first floor with blackjack tables

Casino Riviera black jack corner. Ready for a game of cards !

Casino Riviera main building second floor with private pocker rooms.

Here come the serious players!

Same from back, had to show you those curtained windows

Looks like a party is going on on the roof terrace. Sorry but the Scala flower pots are not part of the model part list as they are way too expensive, but you may wish to add them up anyway especially if you got lucky at the roulette!

Opposit view of the roof terrace with the protected staircase access

And now lets look at the Casino Riviera Left Wing

Casino Riviera Left Wing ground floor with electronic slot machine and token cash point

Game is far from over!

Money money!

Casino Riviera Left Wing first floor from the back with the craps table and curtained windows

Lets roll the dices!

Casino Riviera Left Wing top view (similar to Right Wing) with the tiled roof floor and with glass roof and climatisation vents

A chandelier is hanging from the roof top ceiling to light up the gaming tables

Last but not least here is the Casino Riviera Right Wing

Casino Riviera Right Wing ground floor with its one-armed bandit slot machines

Close up view of the Casino Riviera Right Wing ground floor one-armed bandit slot machines and curtained front window

Casino Riviera Right Wing first floor with European roulette

Close up view of the European roulette. That was a tricky challenge using technic plates and putting all thing leveled but it came up pretty clean in the end

Again, due to cost care, the cushioned 2x2 round tiles have been replaced by normal ones in the part list, your choice

A ever a glance at one of the instructions booklets pages to show that you will get high quality material to build that awesome model