LEGO Modular City Hall

The Custom LEGO Modular City Hall built on a 32 x 32 studs Baseplate is an elegant fully tiled and furnished three storey building that will very usefully combine with your other Modular sets providing a very affordable alternative to the over expensive 10224 Town Hall. The combination of the front white walls and white/tan side and back walls elegantly combine with the dark red roof. The ground floor is accessed through a large fully opening (only partly opened on the picture) double door and hosts a central reception area giving access to a large event room on the left and a working area with a staircase access to the first floor. The staircase gives access on the first floor to a central working room with a large table on which urbanization plans can be examined and with an opening to the large balcony on which the Mayor can address to the citizens. The large Mayor office on the left side is accessed through his/her (your own choice of Minifig) secretary office on the back side and the accountant office is directly accessed on the right front side. A staircase gives access to the roof floor is fully occupied by an open office space furnished with 4  large double working desks and opens on a small cosy balcony covered with dark red slope bricks. The roof top is covered with a large glass canopy delivering ample natural light and offering a clear view on the inside.


That medium size (hence with a reasonable parts number count) and easy to build model combines perfectly with official modular buildings from LEGO®. The Minifig in the pictures are indicative but are not included in the instructions (better to let you choose on your own stock).The City Hall step-by-step building instruction booklet in pdf format is 196 pages long and corresponds to a grand total of 2855 or 1580 LEGO parts, whether in its complete or untiled-unfurnished version. There are 4 part list files provided:


  • XML file (Bricklink upload part list) for the complete model, fully tiled and furnished,
  • XML file (Bricklink upload part list) for the bare version of the model excluding inside tiling and furnishing so you can choose to adapt your building plan according to financial resources) 
  • XLS file (MS Excel spreadsheet) for the complete model (very helpful to manage your part quest)
  • XLS file for the bare version of the model