LEGO Modular Corner Gallery Store

Modular Corner Gallery Store pdf instructions booklet front page


The Custom LEGO Modular Corner Gallery Store is a massive fully tiled and furnished three storey general store with all you need for shoping built on a 32 x 32 studs Baseplate.


It is a very detailed model coming with a 236 pages step-by-step building instruction booklet in pdf format and amounting to a grand total of 3236 or 1935 LEGO parts whether in its complete or untiled-unfurnished version. From the ground floor pavement you may seat on a bench in the shade of a large swamp tree and look through a large shop window at mannequins presenting the last trends in fashion, access the store through the double door entrance, or choose to sneak on the side to start with a drink from the terraced bar. Inside is a cloth shop with various garments, bags and hats, and you also have inside access to the terraced bar with its coffee percolator. The bar also has an open air arched reserve in the back corner. Up and down access to and from the first floor is granted by a double mechanical  stairs (ever wondered how to do that with the  Grand Emporium  one way mechanical  stairs!). On that first floor you will find a perfume and jewels store on the left and a computer and electronic store on the right. A staircase access the second floor with a book and music store on the left and a very well-stocked toy store where you will even find an exquisite Star Wars LEGO sets stand !


Ground floor with a inventive mechanical stairs, clothes, bags and a bar with terrace


Left side zoom


Right side zoom


Back exterior reserve


First floor with jewelery, perfume stand, computers, cameras and Hi-Fi


Get the beat


Second floor with book store, music store and toys, toys, toys !


Star Wars LEGO micro toys, may the force be with you


Dismounted set

Corner Gallery Store exploded view


Example of pdf step-by-step instructions booklet page