LEGO Modular Cream Tan Townhouse

Modular Cream Tan Townhouse pdf instructions booklet front page


The Custom LEGO Modular Cream Tan Townhouse built on a 32 x 32 studs Baseplate is a fully tiled and furnished four storey building nicely mixing tan and white with a little touch of reddish brown and a light bluish gray and black sloped roof .


The step-by-step building instruction booklet in pdf format for that model is 192 pages long and it amounts to a grand total of 2964 or 1957 LEGO parts whether in its complete or untiled-unfurnished version. The ground floor is formed of a low ceiling basement for storage (crates, tools, bottles), a flowered front garden, and a back garden with a bench and a lamppost. The first floor hosts a large living room with sofa and armchair, drawer chests, bookshelf and a wall long cabinet, and a fully equipped kitchen (fridge, cooking plan, oven, sink). The staircase accessing the upper floor has a small storage space bellow. On the second floor is the master bedroom with a king size bed, bedside tables and a large corner dressing, and a bathroom with toilets, a double sink, a tube lighting and a shower. The double sided staircase accessing the upper floor has a cabinet underneath. The roof floor is the kids area with a bunk bed and adolescent entertaining stuff like a videogame console and Hi-Fi. The back roof can be very easily removed providing full view and access to the whole floor, making it very playable. The roof terrace with its central elegant pavilion can be accessed by a folding ladder leading to a small roof shelter.


Front view of Cream Tan Townhouse

Close-up view of open roof floor with roof terrace


Folded ladder                                                        Unfolded ladder


Roof terrace

Front view of roof floor


Back view of roof floor


Back view of roof floor with back roof removed : bunk bed, lamp, sofa, videogame console, drawer chests, Hi-Fi, ottoman seats


Top view of the second floor: staicase, bedroom with king size bed and dressing, bathroom with toilets, double sing, and shower


Top view of first flor with the kitchen, living room area and staircase


Top view of ground floor with its basement used for storage and its front and back gardens


Cream Tan Townhouse exploded view


Example of pdf step-by-step instructions booklet page