LEGO Modular Pistachio Building

Modular Pistachio Building pdf instructions booklet front page


The Custom LEGO Modular Pistachio Building built on a 16 x 32 studs Baseplate is a fully tiled and furnished three storey building whose originality comes from the stripped tan and olive green first and second floors in between a stripped black and tan ground floor and a black roof.


It comes with a 141 pages building instruction pdf file and amounts to 1684 or 896 LEGO parts, whether in its complete or untiled-unfurnished version. The ground floor hosts a modern art store selling contemporary paintings and sculptures. A separate entrance with mailbox and staircase gives access to the upper floor duplex apartment. The first floor hosts a large living room with a seating area equipped with a sofa, an armchair, a small table, and a lamppost; a dining area with a table and four seats; and a fully equipped open kitchen. The second floor is accessed through a colored staircase (it’s an artist district after all) and occupied by a large bedroom apartment equipped with a queen size bed and a separate bathroom. A folding ladder leads up to a shelter opening on the roof floor.


Front view with the mask sculture showing in the modern art shop window

Three quarter left front view

Three quarter back view

Three quarter front right view

Ground floor with modern art shop and separate entrance

to the duplex appartment staircase

Modern art shop detail

First floor with living room area, dining area, and open fully equipped kitchen

First floor detail

Second floor with large bedroom and separate bathroom

Second floor detail

The roof floor with the sheltter accessed by a folding ladder attached below

Pistachio building exploded view

Example of pdf step-by-step instructions booklet page