LEGO Modular Rivoli Arcade - Main Building

Modular Rivoli Arcade Central pdf instructions booklet front page


The Custom LEGO Modular Rivoli Arcade - Main Building built on a 32 x 32 studs Baseplate is a fully tiled and furnished four storey building with a totally original dark blue curved roof (never seen anything similar on the MOC web) freely inspired from the Parisian Rue de Rivoli buildings.


Here is a very elegant model coming with a 304 pages step-by-step building instruction booklet in pdf format and amounting to a grand total of 4040 or 2359 LEGO parts whether in its complete or untiled-unfurnished version. The ground floor arcades hosts 2 shops (with air conditioning !):  a light shop on the left hand side and a beauty shop on the right hand side, with a shared outdoor back reserve. In the middle of the facade an entrance with digicode and mailboxes opens ona staircase giving access to the 2 upstairs apartments . The first floor landing gives access to a 2 storey apartment on the left and a 3 storey condo on the right, each one equipped with sliding doors accessing a front terrace, the condo coming with an additional covered back terrace. On the second floor are the apartment bedroom and bathroom and the condo dining room and kitchen. The top floor hosts the master bedroom with a gym recess, a separate toilet, a bathroom with double sink and bathtub, and another back side terrace. The curved roof is a real piece of work giving very special touch to the whole building.


 When combined with the Rivoli Arcade Corner Left and Rivoli Arcade Corner right, the Rivoli Arcade - Main Building forms the 96 studs long by 32 studs long masterpiece represented in the website banner and for sale,at a whole package discount. But taken alone it will do nicely as well with any other Official or Custom Modular.


Front view of the Rivoli Arcade Central


Front side view of the beast


Top view showing the exquisite dark blue roof


Back view of the whole building


The ground floor from above


Back view of the ground floor with the open air shared reserve


The first floor with the splitted terrace


A fully opened sliding door


The second floor


The top floor (with an intruder in the bathtub !)


And the amazing dark blue roof top


Rivoli Arcade Central exploded view


Example of pdf step-by-step instructions booklet page