LEGO Modular Roman Church

The Custom LEGO Modular Roman Church built on a 32 x 32 studs Baseplate is an affordable model that will impersonate tradition and imbue a little bit of morality and spirituality to the Modular city. The whole model is build in the Modular spirit, making it possible to disassemble and reassemble the various parts composing the model. On the outside the double tower make an opportunistic use of the still affordable (but don’t wait too long as they will progressivly disapear) Harry Potter 6x6 sand green roof part topped with a cross made from a 4-Way Lug Wrench. Those roofs aesthetically match the sand green and dark bluish gray stripped roofs covering the rest of the church. The frontispiece, of Roman inspiration, is richly decorated and topped with a steeple holding a cross and a large bell. On the inside, the large double doors open on a tall arched nave sustained by 6 tall pillars. The centre of the nave lined with benches lead to the slightly raised altar and tabernacle. Stained glass windows on the side, in the front and in the back give that building the requested mystical atmosphere.


That medium size (hence with a reasonable parts number count) and easy to build model combines perfectly with official modular buildings from LEGO®..The Roman Church step-by-step building instruction booklet in pdf format is 122 pages long and corresponds to a grand total of 2322 or 1904 LEGO parts, whether in its complete or untiled-unfurnished version. There are 4 part list files provided:

  • XML file (Bricklink upload part list) for the complete model, fully tiled and furnished,
  • XML file (Bricklink upload part list) for the bare version of the model excluding inside tiling and furnishing so you can choose to adapt your building plan according to financial resources) 
  • XLS file (MS Excel spreadsheet) for the complete model (very helpful to manage your part quest)
  • XLS (MS Excel spreadsheet) file for the bare version of the model