Sith Fighter from Star Wars Expanded Universe

The very adaptable Sith fighter was massively used during Darth Malak and Darth Revan's terrifying campaigns against the Republic. Sith fighters were powered by a prototype twin ion drive system. They were equipped with an original system that allowed for the wings to be folded inward when the vehicle cruised for long distances or when docked within transport ships. They could be tightly docked into Sith capital ship cargo bays, and a large fleet could be delivered in a surprisingly short amount of time. Wings were unfolded for combat, and the blaster cannons fixed on outward wing edges yielded devastating crossfire, while those slim ships remained difficult to target from front and rear.

That LEGO custom set is composed of over 333 parts essentially gray or light bluish gray.

Instruction booklet front cover

Instruction booklet back cover