Market Square & Concept Store

The LEGO Custom Modular Market Square & Concept Store is built on two 32 x 32 studs Baseplates gathering three fully tiled and furnished buildings typically  separated by a narrow passage giving access to the back where the entrances to the two of upstairs appartments are. On the right hand side is a large square building with a concept store on the ground floor and 2 uper floors occupied by a large apartment with a living/dining room, kitchen and office on the first floor and two bedrooms and bathroom on the second floor. On the center is a dark tan medium blue building with a bar and terrasse on the ground floor and a 3 storey appartment above. On the left hand side is a Reddish Brown/Tan building with a 3 storey appartment. The center square is occupied by a market shaded by a large tree.


Note : The side walls of the large square building can be removed (like shown on a picture below) giving access to the concept store and upper appartment levels and offering a better payability.


The Market Square & Concept Store step-by-step building instruction booklet in pdf format is 351 pages long and corresponds to a grand total of 6821 (+2 Microfigs) or 3745 LEGO parts, whether in its complete or untiled-unfurnished version. There are 4 part list files provided:

  • XML file (Bricklink upload part list) for the complete model, fully tiled and furnished,
  • XML file (Bricklink upload part list) for the bare version of the model excluding inside tiling and furnishing so you can choose to adapt your building plan according to financial resources) 
  • XLS file (MS Excel spreadsheet) for the complete model (very helpful to manage your part quest)
  • XLS file (MS Excel spreadsheet) for the bare version of the model

Ground floor top view

First floor top view

Second floor of the two small buildings on the left hand side

Roof top on the left hand side building and second floor on the middle and the large right hand side building

Close up view of the large building second floor

Top view with all fully tiled roof top

Close up view of the Market Square

Side view of the main building without the side walls (easy to play mode)

Render of all sub parts

Step by step instructions booklet providedin pdf format

Exemple of step by step instructions page